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The Secret to Taking Control of Growth

CEOs and sales leaders, what one change can you make right now to have the greatest impact on your sales force?    Every sales organization has room for improvement, but what options do you really have? Where can you invest your time and attention to deliver the meaningful shift you’re looking for?   We’ve asked 1,000 salespeople what changes they think would have the greatest impact on their performance and recorded their Top 40 [...]

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Value Is In The Heart & Mind Of The Buyer

I’m going to speak to salespeople as a buyer today. I’m going to plead with you for a moment. It’s a conversation that needs to be had. As your buyer, I have to warn you - you may not like what you hear. Truth be told, I'm not trying to preach. I'm just trying to be straight with my point of view. As your buyer, please, understand VALUE IS MINE. You can write a [...]

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Why Hiring Salespeople is a Unique Challenge for Your Company

According to HBR, annual sales turnover is at an all-time high of 27% – twice the turnover rate of the entire American labor force. Other estimates place sales turnover in the 30%-40% range.    Regardless of the figure itself, the fact remains that most companies experience higher rates of success when filling non-sales positions than sales positions. Why is this? First, salespeople are different, and the jobs they do require them to recognize and [...]

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Do You Sell the Way People Buy?

Most sales and marketing leaders spend countless hours designing new ways to direct buyers down the perfect sales process. They invent shared terminology to communicate this path internally, plot metrics around it and work hard to shepherd buyers to a decision that is in their favor. I know this exercise very well.  This is what I did for the first half of my sales career and what ultimately led me to the new, modern [...]

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A Need Without Value Is Not an Opportunity. It’s Just A Need.

We may hate to admit it, but we’re creatures of habit. I’m not talking about habits many of us aspire to - waking up early, exercising, reading regularly, etc. There are only a few people that actually hold the good habits. I’m talking about bigger habits in our lives. We’re habitual in our thoughts, our behaviors, and our actions.  We have shortcuts in our thinking, basic paradigms that drive us, and we get very [...]

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Confronting ‘The Challenger Sale’

The Challenger Sale has been called the best marketed but worse executed sales program in history. Is this assessment fair or evidence of sour grapes from a few industry experts who wish they could claim the 800,000+ graduates and 500,000+ books sold since 2011? I am frequently asked versions of this question by executives and salespeople who are considering investing in Challenger sales training, or wondering if their investment was worthwhile. To help them [...]

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