World class sales forces aren’t born, they’re built.

Create a strong foundation for long-term revenue growth.

LEAD change. LEVERAGE people. LIFT performance.

With Floriss Group, you get a partner that has been on the front lines, delivering 10,000+ working sessions with CEOs and sales leaders from more than one hundred industries.

You get to work with a real-world practitioner who understands, down to the very last data point, what makes a sales organization successful.

You get to unlock and sustain your company’s top-line growth with minimal risk and maximum return.

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The New Growth Curve

Your predictable path to sustained revenue growth.

Developed and validated by work with more than 6,500 CEOs and sales leaders, the New Growth Curve is a methodology customizable for any company.

Stage One


Delivers a powerful sales operating structure to create a lasting foundation for predictable, repeatable revenue growth.

Stage Two


Activates a unifying team development plan to continually align people, roles and goals for higher performance.

Stage Three


Expands the power of your team with an ‘always-on’ talent optimization plan to deliver a sustainable growth culture.

Optimize CRM & Sales Enablement for scalability at every stage.

Customized programs start at $2000 per month.

“More than a simple training program, Floriss offers a comprehensive platform that gets leaders to understand the decision-making process and change drivers in their market to build processes, messaging, and tactics that close bigger deals faster.”

Mike McCann

Rev1 Ventures

What's blocking your success?

Every sales organization, from Fortune 500 companies to startups, face their own unique barriers to growth. As a leader, you want to drive growth but aren’t quite sure where to start.

What actions will lead to more sales?



of the deals in the average B2B sales pipeline are unqualified


of salespeople lack the essential skills of a top performer


of sales team members turnover (or should turnover) each year


of sales managers aren’t equipped to develop their salespeople

The task can be daunting.

The solution is to build a sales force that will continually outperform itself.

We find the hidden barriers to your success–and remove them.

We’re practitioners first, trainers and coaches second. Our sales methodology was developed in the field through decades of hard work.

James, founder of Floriss, has been in the sales industry for over 3 decades and he’s seen it all. After working with over 6,500 mid-market companies, family businesses, startups, and global enterprises (including many INC 500, Deloitte Fast 50, Deloitte Fast 500, and Innovation Award winners), he realized something big:

Hidden within every sales organization was the potential for systematic growth.

All it needed was the right structure to flourish.

Under our methodology, sales leaders on average…

Generate initial revenue gains up to


Grow qualified deal values by


Increase team effectiveness by


Raise your new hire success rate to


Achieve CRM adoption rates over


If you can guarantee you’re ready to show up to drive results with a measurable ROI for your business, we’ll guarantee to see you through to the end.

“As a result of the techniques I learned through my work with James, I was able to refine and boost my prospecting efforts, clean up and prioritize my sales pipeline, and strategically focus on bringing deals to closure.”

Douglas Young

Progressive Medical, Inc. (Acquired by United Healthcare)

Start building your New Growth Curve.