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Accelerate Revenue. Multiply Value.

Build a reliable, high-performance sales growth engine for your business.

Triple Your Speed Of Growth Without Expanding Your Sales Team

It’s common practice for scale-up and growth companies to try increasing revenue by hiring more salespeople. And yet, out of two-million salespeople studied, only 8% consistently follow a reliable sales process.

Adding more team members without a reliable sales process in place is like pouring high-octane fuel into a misfiring engine. No matter how potent the fuel, the engine will underperform.

Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Companies prioritizing the consistent execution of a proven sales process grow 3X faster year-over-year than companies that don’t. And they do it without adding a single salesperson.

A properly tuned sales growth engine can outpace even your most ambitious goals.

Start Collecting Wins™

Our Three-Stage Process

With 30+ years optimizing sales teams, we collected data from 10,000 working sessions and identified a powerful path to growth we call Collecting WINS™.

Now, any CEO and sales leader can accelerate revenue and multiply value along a predictable and repeatable New Growth Curve.


Tune Up Your Engine

Work as a team of one. Deliver a sales operating model that ensures each salesperson is selling-to-fit (not selling-to-fix) your sales growth engine.
85% of sales managers lack the tools to improve sales effectiveness. With the right engine in place, clients have produced revenue gains in excess of 150% in just six months.


Upgrade Your Fuel
Make how you sell a competitive advantage. Align your people and systems by training-to-fit (not training-to-fix) your sales growth engine.
3 of 4 salespeople lack the ability to maintain a reliable sales pipeline. With the right training in place, sales teams grow their pipelines by 78% on average, within one year.


Punch Your Accelerator
Rapidly scale your revenue and business value. Stop the costly revolving door of underperforming salespeople by hiring-to-fit (not hiring-to-fix) your sales growth engine.
Salespeople turnover 2X to 3X more than the general workforce. With the right recruiting process in place, clients consistently achieve hiring success rates in excess of 90%.

accelerate your company's growth

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Floriss Group founder James Rores has been in the sales industry for over 3 decades and he’s seen it all.

After working with over 6,500 mid-market companies, family businesses, startups, and global enterprises (including many INC 500, Deloitte Fast 50, Deloitte Fast 500, and Innovation Award winners), he realized something big: hidden within every sales organization was the potential for systematic growth.

All leaders and teams need is the right structure to flourish.

At Floriss, we’re practitioners first, trainers and coaches second. Our sales process and methodology were developed in the field and proven through years of hard-fought wins and lessons.

Come partner with us.

your next win is only one week away

Let us run a thorough diagnostic on your current sales growth engine.

After a brief chat to understand your immediate roadblocks, we’ll deploy tools to uncover unnecessary costs and unique growth opportunities—from elevating struggling team members to filling your pipeline, closing more winnable deals and more.