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Still Not Following a Predictable Path to Growth?

Does your sales team follow a predictable, reliable sales process? If not, what are you waiting for? These numbers don't lie.

Your company is growing. You’ve brought on great people, you make stellar products, you offer top-of-the-line services, you have loyal customers, and yet somehow, you are missing your quarterly numbers and sales goals. On paper, the organization should meet its forecast time and time again. 

Yet, sales statistics like these don’t lie:

  • 50% of salespeople on teams that hit their quarterly revenue targets underperform
  • 50% of salespeople who do perform can’t predictably repeat the following quarter

Now, you might be wondering how this is still true when U.S. companies spend almost $20 billion per year on professional sales recruiting and more than $70 billion per year on professional sales training – more than is spent training workers in all other functions (Harvard Business Review). 

The misconception is that the only way to consistently achieve higher quarterly sales targets is by hiring and training more salespeople. The thought is that it makes up for team members who underperform. It’s common practice for scale-up and growth companies to try increasing revenue by hiring more salespeople, so you aren’t alone if this has been your approach.

However, achieving success is all about delivering a predictable path to growth that works for everyone on your team. 

Sales leaders and managers, you can train, hire, and manage to fit (not fix) your sales growth engine.

A predictable path to growth is crucial when you take a look at the numbers:

  • Out of two-million salespeople, only 8% consistently follow a reliable sales process (Objective Management Group). Adding more team members without a reliable sales process in place is like pouring high-octane fuel into a misfiring engine. No matter how potent the fuel, the engine will underperform.
  • Companies prioritizing the consistent execution of a proven sales process grow 3X faster year-over-year than companies that don’t. And they do it without adding ONE single salesperson. A properly tuned sales growth engine can outpace even your most ambitious goals.

These numbers are frightening, but do they scare you enough to genuinely test your team’s true potential? Start by asking yourself these questions:

Are your salespeople managed, trained, and coached to a reliable sales process and methodology that they embrace because it makes them better, or are they doing their own thing?

Do they practice new skills with their teammates, or do they practice on qualified customers and prospects?

Why would a future top performer join your team if you don’t have a sales organization that can produce top performers?

Poor performers are attracted to poorly run sales organizations, and top performers are attracted to organizations that can make them better.

Before we complain about our salespeople, we must look in the mirror and figure out who we are attracting.

If you feel it’s time to level up your sales organization and reliably exceed future revenue targets, take the first step and document what’s working and what’s not. Download a free copy of our Sales Flow Benchmarking Analysis today, and begin transforming your sales force tomorrow.

Continue the conversation with me on LinkedIn or grab time on my calendar if you’d like to connect and learn more about how we can help you and your sales organization go from “Great to Growth.”



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