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Lessons from Seventeen-Years of Sales Consulting and Advising… (video)

In this interview, James discusses the core principles that define him as a person and reflects on his background and life experiences that have shaped his perspectives.

Growing up in a 4th generation family business has had a significant influence on his life and career trajectory. James shares his journey into the world of consulting and how he established Floriss Group, his sales consultancy.

He talks about his approach to acquiring clients over the years and delves into how he continually improves as a Sales Consultant, emphasizing the importance of both listening skills and asking insightful questions.

He points out common flaws in sales models and introduces the concept of a “reliable sales operating model.”

The conversation further explores how businesses can settle on a reliable sales operating model tailored to their specific needs. Additionally, James offers his insights into the role of AI in sales and its potential impact on the industry in the near future.

Time Stamps:

[:33] James shares what core principles define him as a person and opens up about his background and the experiences that shaped a lot of his views.

[8:30] We unpack how growing up in a 4th generation family business influenced his life and career.

[11:30] How James got into Consulting.

[16:15] How he kick-started Flores Group, his sales consultancy, and how he has gone about acquiring clients over the years.

[21:20] How James improves as a Sales Consultant.

[27:00] Why listening skills are important as a consultant but the skill of asking good questions is equally if not more important.

[33:50] James describes the common flaws in sales models and what a “reliable sales operating model” looks like.

[41:00:] How to go about settling on a reliable sales operating model for your business.

[44:20] James shares his thoughts on AI in Sales and what he believes the impact might be in the near future.

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