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How Much of the Problem is You?

When I work with C-level executives to address challenges related to growing revenue, profitability, and business value, my earliest conversations revolve around one overarching question: “How much of the problem is you?”

Of course, the purpose of this question is not to embarrass or create defensiveness. There is no value in criticizing an apple tree for not producing oranges. The purpose of the question is to examine the root that feeds the leader’s readiness to enable and accelerate their personal growth. Which must happen before any meaningful change can occur.

I define a leader’s readiness for change through the objective exploration of four mindset levers, each of which allows us to take an objective look at where they are compared to where they want their organization and culture to be:

  • Authenticity
  • Vulnerability
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

These levers allow the client and coach to objectively understand how open the client is to accepting, sharing, measuring, and owning their imperfections.

The coaching process can begin when the C-level executive agrees to fully explore the mindset at the source of the challenges they face. As we all know, the quality of the root determines the quality of the fruit.

After establishing the executive’s readiness for change, the next step is to go deep and accelerate the discovery process. We do this through a measurement tool called the IFQ, or Identity Fear Quotient.

This tool allows the coach and client to laser in on any insecurities that may be surfacing at the root of the leader’s identity, personality, and leadership style. Every human being on the planet is subject to the insecurities they carry with them. Especially when under pressure, leaders can allow their insecurities to be communicated in unhealthy ways.

When leaders can look at the data and understand which of the nine insecurities are most prominent for them, they are able to immediately understand the connection between the root of who they are and the fruit their organization and culture are capable of producing.

The transformation process begins only after a leader understands how their identity influences the personality and leadership style they bring to their role.

Ultimately, any organization and culture will reflect the best and worst of its leaders. Our goal is not perfection. It is to provide our clients with the objective insights and data required to ensure the revenue, profitability, and business value they seek.

The process is proven. Your leaders only have to be ready to answer that first tough question.

Don’t miss an opportunity to test the limits of your potential, to set bigger goals, and inspire your team to over achieve. Reach out to me here if you’d like a free trial of the IFQ. 


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