Cracking the Code: Revealing the True Cost of Hiring Sales Talent

In the world of competitive B2B sales, the cost of hiring an underperforming salesperson extends far beyond the numbers on the paycheck. 

Having invested 30 years working with companies in over 100 industries, I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound impact that sales hiring mistakes can have on jobs and job security across a company, not to mention cash flow, budgets, profitability, business value, investment capital, and growth. 

This is largely due to the combined impact of ineffective candidate selection processes, flawed screening tools, poor interviewing skills, a weak sales candidate pool, holding on to poor performers too long, and the inability of hiring managers to predictably ramp up new hires to achieve committed revenue targets. 

To help CEOs and sales leaders illuminate the blind spots within their own hiring and development process, I’ve created a groundbreaking tool known as “The Cost of Shadows Calculator.”

Eliminating the Shadows 

Sales hiring decisions are complex, and common blind spots in the recruiting process can lead to the sourcing and selection of “Shadow People” – underperforming sales team members who slow or stall your company’s growth. 

The Cost of Shadows Calculator is a revolutionary tool that any CEO, CFO, or sales leader can utilize to assess the true costs of hiring mistakes as well as identify the source of those mistakes. 

Shadow People are not just individuals who didn’t meet expectations; they are evidence of a system that is failing to provide leaders the visibility and accountability required to build teams of top sales performers. What I call “top 20% talent.”

The calculator systematically identifies these shadows and provides a comprehensive understanding of their impact on your hiring performance.

The calculator goes beyond the obvious costs, identifying historical decisions that led to the current sales team composition. It evaluates the efficiency of your sourcing and selection processes, as well as the effectiveness of your training, coaching and management frameworks. 

By identifying shadows in these critical areas, the tool quantifies the hidden costs that are draining your resources and limiting your company’s performance. It also shows you where change can deliver the greatest gains. 

Whether it’s enhancing recruitment strategies, refining ramp up procedures, or providing greater leadership visibility, the insights provided by the calculator pave the way for a more reliable and scalable sales organization.

For a limited time, we are offering the Cost Of Shadows Calculator free of charge along with a 25 minute introduction to how it works. You can schedule your introduction HERE or reach out to us at

Understanding the real cost of hiring salespeople in your company is the first step toward identifying meaningful areas for improvement. 

The Cost of Shadows Calculator makes taking that first step easy and accurate. 

Continued success,

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