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Your Next WIN is Only One Week Away! with James Rores (video)

Floriss Group founder James Rores has been in the sales industry for over 3 decades and he’s seen it all!

After working with over 6,500 mid-market companies, family businesses, start-ups, and global enterprises (including many INC 500, Deloitte Fast 50, Deloitte Fast 500, and Innovation Award winners), he realized something big: hidden within every sales organization was the potential for systematic growth.

All leaders and teams need is the right structure to flourish. At Floriss, they are practitioners first, trainers, and coaches second. Their sales process and methodology were developed in the field and proven through years of hard-fought wins and lessons.

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your next win is only one week away

Let us run a thorough diagnostic on your current sales growth engine.

After a brief chat to understand your immediate roadblocks, we’ll deploy tools to uncover unnecessary costs and unique growth opportunities—from elevating struggling team members to filling your pipeline, closing more winnable deals and more.