Heads Up. Eyes Forward. Heart Strong.

Right now, as we face this global threat to our health and economy, everyone who can is thinking about how to adjust for the new world. We have all had our own experience during the last three-weeks, and we will all walk our own path forward. But, this does not mean we have to walk that path alone.

Over the last three weeks our team has been reaching out and giving what we can to neighbors, partners and clients (many of whom we love like family). We have also been providing free leadership, sales and life coaching to anyone who needs it who can’t afford it, and we will keep doing it until we are feeling the warmth of the light at the end of the tunnel (spread the word).

This has kept us busy (apologies for late email/voicemail replies), allowed us to help some folks and reinforced a few universal lessons learned from clients and coaches over these many years. One of those lessons is the subject of this message.

Head up. Eyes forward. Heart strong. This is a mantra practiced every day in the Rores household. It is also the best guidance I can give to anyone who asks.

  • Head up speaks to the posture you maintain. It prepares you physically and mentally to embrace the chaos, accept what is happening and make decisions with CLARITY.
  • Eyes forward speaks to the vision you embrace. It prepares you to clear your head, pay attention to what matters and cultivate the curiosity required to form your STRATEGY.
  • Heart strong speaks to the commitment you make. It prepares you to smile as you step into the breach, to look for high-probability wins (not perfection) as you take ACTION.

The world is changing. The world has changed. None of us can go back, but we can be there for each other as we move forward together. Now is not the time to contract, retreat to your bubble and wait this out. Now is the time to connect, strengthen relationships, use this gift of time (thank you Valerie) to give gifts of your time and knowledge.

For those of you who run businesses and feel the weight your decisions will have on employees and customers, you can take this way of thinking to the next level. You can use this mantra to increase the resilience, innovation and competitiveness of your organization by resisting your desire to make everyone feel comfortable.

Resist the desire to get back to business as usual. If growth is the mastery of change (as we say), then building an organization that embraces ‘business unusual’ is the fastest path to your organization’s potential.

If you need help, or if you can offer help, let’s talk. We’ll get you connected you to the right people. In the meantime — Head up. Eyes forward. Heart strong.

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