A Team’s Potential is Determined by its Leaders

We love to learn and we love to train. As a change strategy, however, training programs only create measurable impact when they are aligned with the organizational structure and managerial style of the leader.

Years of research tells us that even the most motivated and engaged employees find it difficult to apply new knowledge and skills when they return [from training] to work environments entrenched in “old” ways of doing things. The truth is, individuals have less power to shape their culture and work environment than their culture and work environment have to shape them.

What gets leaders into trouble?

  • When they treat their team like a group of individuals instead of leveraging those individuals as members of a single, dynamic team. Leverage is the ultimate growth multiplier.
  • When they view performance as the result of individual strengths and weaknesses, instead of their leadership and managerial style. A team’s potential is determined by its leaders.
  • When the criteria for hiring and developing team members does not include role, structure and vision alignment. Ultimately, you have the ‘team’ you deserve.

How can leaders change course?

  • Deliver greater clarity. Communicate and hold players accountable to practicing your mission, vision and values as a condition of employment (COE).
  • Lead by example. Leaders and managers must work as functional teams if they are to inspire the same among their players.
  • Create mutual accountability. Foster ownership of results at all layers of the organization to ensure honest recognition of areas for improvement.
  • Develop mutual transparency. Foster visibility between all layers of the organization to address the risk of creating new barriers to growth.

If these insights resonate with you, you may find value from leveraging our Growth Multiplier Index. The GMI is a powerful tool for evaluating the alignment of your leaders, managers, players and teams. And, right now we’re offering free reports to anyone who mentions this article. Email me here for the details and, as always, stay safe!

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