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Sales is an honorable calling.

Yet most of us fall into the role. Lines separating beginner from pro and pro from master are hard to define and milestones marking the path to mastery are known only to a limited few. Until now. 

We’re here to help you move the rock.

Whether you live to sell or sell to live, you don’t have to compromise who you are and how you think to perform at the highest levels. Discover new ways to succeed at sales and leadership that leverage timeless truths and align with your core values and corporate brand.

Hosted by James Rores of Floriss Group and Chris McAlister of SightShift.

Your Hosts

James Rores

30-year sales veteran of 100+ industries, James is the creator of Floriss' New Growth Curve, author of our Sales Leadership Academy and Collecting WINS™ methodology.

Chris McAlister

Author of The Stuck Book and Figure That Shift Out. Chris is also co-developer of the 'Pyramid of Impact' leadership succession program we deliver for family businesses.

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