With Gratitude

Hello Everyone!

While this year has been disruptive and challenging for us all, there has also been opportunity for those who were ready, willing and able to find clarity in the chaos and act with purpose.

For our family, the last eight months exposed how fragile we are as human beings and tested longstanding assumptions about what it means to be part of a family, a business and a larger more diverse community.

We have also been forced to look deeper for insight into events outside our control, to be smarter about distilling fact from fiction, and to respond in ways that allowed us to eliminate the ceiling on our performance.

This Thanksgiving, we’re doubling down. With the encouragement of our kids, our family is looking for more ways to elevate the clarity and action we bring to our lives and those around us, including:

  • Prioritizing mindful attention to achieving balance in key areas of our lives.
  • Improving the stability and resiliency of our personal and professional connections.
  • Expanding the meaning of family and the impact we seek to have on others.

We are not looking forward to fewer challenges in 2021. We know change is a constant and we are committed to leveraging the lessons of 2020 to harden our resolve and ensure we’re ready, willing and able to grow from whatever comes.

We look forward to taking the journey with each of you and wish you all a safe & healthy holiday season!

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