Sales and customer-facing team members, take 5 minutes to determine your dominant selling style and whether you’re aligned for higher levels of performance.

Successfully selling value via a consultative sales process is as simple as asking the right people, the right questions at the right time.  All you have to do is “sell the way people buy.”  The 18 questions that follow will take just 5 minutes to complete and help determine if your dominant selling style is aligned with the way your customers buy.


Business leaders, calculate the real cost of each underperforming sales person hired over the last five years, and the upside of finally fixing your recruiting and onboarding process.

You have less than 21 selling days per month to achieve your sales targets. When those days are gone they’re gone. It costs your company a lot of money to source, screen, interview, select, onboard and manage the wrong sales people – folks who hid in the shadows of your sales organization.  Use this calculator to determine the “real cost” of hiring mistakes and the “real benefits” of addressing the challenge once and for all.


Sales people, take 15 minutes to determine what you can do to improve your sales pipeline and deliver greater forecast accuracy.

The purpose of a sales pipeline is to produce a predictable, repeatable path to growth.  Every pipeline tells a story and the best stories describe a sales process capable of producing a high probability of success.  If you’re curious about the story your pipeline is telling, use our Pipeline Confidence Score (PCS) to better understand where your pipeline is today and what you can do to take your sales process, and your performance, to the next level.


Sales leaders, take 5 minutes to identity levers that will make it easier for your team to grow sales, profitability, & shareholder value.

Are you executing a sales strategy capable of helping your sales force deliver its goals? Sometimes, stepping back from the day-to-day execution of your management responsibilities can give you a new perspective, and allow you to see opportunities that were once hidden from view.  Use the Sales Force Self-Assessment to identify those opportunities and the steps required to drive incremental sales growth.


Founders, business owners, and executives take 20 minutes to better understand if your sales organization is capable of producing predictable, repeatable results as it scales.

How much do you know about your ideal customer, the people who are part of your typical buying center, what those buyers value, what they consider a must-have solution, how they view your offerings compared to alternatives, and how they make buying decisions? The 33 questions in this self-assessment will help you identify what you know and don’t know, so you know where to invest before you invest in growing your sales force.


Business leaders, take 25 minutes to assess the positive and negative value factors within your company.

Then map your path to more sustainable sales growth, profitability, and shareholder value.

Often in business, the questions that are hardest to answer are the most important to ask.  By determining your Market Leader Index™ you will be taking a valuable step toward understanding the general readiness of your company to achieve greater sales, profitability and shareholder value.

Are you ready to accelerate your organization’s growth?