Why Hiring Salespeople is a Unique Challenge for Your Company

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Discover the real reasons why you can't hire salespeople the same way you hire for other positions. According to HBR, annual sales turnover is at an all-time high of 27% – twice the turnover rate of the entire American labor force. Other estimates place sales turnover in the 30%-40% range.    Regardless [...]

How to Build a Foundational Sales Playbook

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An old and all-too-common story When leaders build or rebuild sales teams, they often move quickly to hire the best individual contributors available and allow each to leverage their own skills and experiences to find success. These leaders take a hands-off approach, essentially providing new hires little more than a comp-plan, a territory, [...]

10 Ways to Transform your Sales Recruiting Process

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A Modern Approach to Hiring and Retaining Top Sales Performers – PART TWO: Every marginal salesperson you add to your sales organization makes your business weaker. Think about it: an underperformer robs you of the opportunity to have a top performer in their place. It’s like an eagle plucking feathers from its own wings [...]

10 Questions to Answer Before Kicking-Off Your Sales Recruiting Process

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A Modern Approach to Hiring and Retaining Top Sales Performers – PART ONE: Would you be surprised to learn that of all B2B salespeople, only about one quarter have the ability to contribute to their employer’s growth? Statistically, only 26% of all B2B salespeople have the sales DNA and skills to make them worthy [...]