Create a 100% Predictable Growth Curve for Your Sales Force

Lead your team to higher levels of execution and performance.

Sales is a game of probability, not perfection.

As a sales leader, the odds are stacked against you. 74% of salespeople lack essential sales skills, yet 80% of salespeople forget their training in just 90 days.

The challenge is compounded, since 48% of new hires fail to meet critical goals, and 30%-40% will turnover (or should turnover) within their first year.

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Shift the odds to reach your growth goals.

Take the lead with Floriss Sales Leadership Academy

Build your own programmatic framework created and stress-tested specifically for your company to fully ignite your team’s potential.

Transform one sales team or your entire sales force.

Build a custom sales structure to net bigger results.

At Floriss Group, our primary focus has always been long-term results for organizations, not flash-in-the-pan wins.

The Academy is built to deliver to your goal, not our product.

We’re your partner in collecting wins.

Start your New Growth Curve.

After more than 10,000 working sessions with CEOs and sales leaders from more than one hundred industries, we identified three stages of unlocking predictable revenue growth — LEAD, LEVERAGE and LIFT.

The Sales Leadership Academy is here to LEAD your team into ongoing success.

“Floriss Group diagnosed the reasons and built a specific plan for our organization to achieve sustainable sales growth. As a CFO, I now have the line of sight to measure results.”
Randy Smith
CFO at NC4, Inc.

Small group coaching for focused results

Learn to quickly identify and eliminate barriers to growth, find your sales team’s fastest path to cash, simplify your role as a leader, and empower each member of your team with new winning habits backed by an unconditional guarantee.

What you’ll get in the Sales Leadership Academy

Join the Sales Leadership Academy

Build the foundation of a predictable new growth curve in months, not years.

“Since we initiated the Floriss training in 2011, our organization has experienced record annual growth … they provided the tools I need to empower my reps to be sales leaders.”
Valerie Curren
President & Managing Director at Boon Edam USA

Guide your salespeople to 49% greater effectiveness

The Sales Leadership Academy delivers the first 5 milestones of your New Growth Curve. You will generate a predictable sales operating structure and the knowledge of how to be a world-class servant leader to your team.

5 modules you can share with your entire team:

Join the Sales Leadership Academy

“James has been in the sales trenches for decades and has created a formulaic and effective approach to scaling our sales organization. We landed our biggest deal to date using the Floriss Group’s sales framework.”
Steve White
CEO and Founder at Clarivoy

Hey, I’m James

After working with over 6,500 mid-market companies, family businesses, startups, and global enterprises (including many INC 500, Deloitte Fast 50, Deloitte Fast 500, and Innovation Award winners), we sat down and crunched the numbers.

We realized that hidden within every sales force was the potential for significant incremental growth. All it needed was the right structure to flourish.

The Floriss Sales Leadership Academy produces a high-growth, customer-centric sales operating structure, delivered and tailored to your unique business and goals.

Our Unconditional Guarantee

If you’re ready to make the changes required to drive measurable results and ROI for your business, we’re ready to walk beside you and unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way.

Level-up your ability to unblock, amplify, and accelerate revenue growth.

Transform one sales team or your entire sales force.