Sales Recruiting

Eliminate the high cost of making poor hiring decisions. Build your own predictable system for sourcing, hiring, retaining and redistributing high-performing sales talent.

Every marginal salesperson added to your sales team makes your business weaker. Like an eagle plucking feathers from its own wings as it tries to gain altitude, when hiring managers throw marginal new hires against the wall to see if one sticks, growth becomes more difficult and less predictable.

The goal of any sustainable sales organization must be the adoption of a proven recruiting system built to source, select and retain team members who demonstrate they CAN and WILL succeed within their first 90-days on the job.

We deliver on this goal by teaching hiring managers a proven recruiting and onboarding process, used to successfully hire tens-of-thousands of sales and customer-facing team members around the world. You can also outsource all or some of the recruiting process to our experienced team.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn how our proven recruiting process and modern diagnostic tools can help you hire, develop and retain validated Growth Multipliers for your sales and customer-facing teams.

You can also take advantage of a free trial of our recruiting program to test its compatibility with your business, goals and sales environment.


“Floriss has been a very important part of our sales organization’s growth and improvement since 2011. As Boon Edam’s business in the Americas has doubled over the past five years, it has placed a premium on the skills, capabilities and performance of all members of our sales team. James’ coaching and training have enabled and contributed to our significant sales success. He has helped us expand from a team of 15 sales associates three years ago to 30 today, with plans to be at 35 a year from now. I am personally grateful to James for his unique coaching talents and his positive impact on our culture. He is an invaluable member of our team.

Mark Borto, President & CEO at Boon Edam Americas and International Sales Development Manager at Boon Edam International
Successful Client - Rolta

“The results of our engagement with Floriss were outstanding, as measured by revenue, employee engagement, opportunity funnel growth and record earnings in the services organization. James and his team have been instrumental in employee and management development through our time working together. His perspective on driving results and changes in behaviors is a great discipline for any organization regardless of size or industry.”

Scott Rhyan, Vice President / GM of Cloud and Professional Services, Rolta Advizex
Rev1 Ventures - Successful Client 300x146

“We’ve partnered with James and The Floriss Group to help our entrepreneurs get to the heart of what is going to drive revenue growth in their business. Whether it’s a first-time entrepreneur in the proof-of-concept stage or an experienced leader, James and his team diagnose risk, develop a sound strategy, and execute on a plan to win deals and build a great sales organization. More than a simple training program, Floriss offers a comprehensive platform that gets leaders to understand the decision-making process and change drivers in their market to build processes, messaging, and tactics that close bigger deals faster. Floriss is a trusted partner for companies in our portfolio and the clients he serves.”

Mike McCann, VP, Programs & Partner Engagement at Rev1 Ventures

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