Sales Process Consulting

Whether fine-tuning or transforming your lead generation program, sales process, sales pipeline or playbook, we’ll make sure HOW you sell is as consistent and reliable as WHAT you sell.

Do your sales and customer-facing teams know their fastest path to cash? Are the people in your organization who are responsible for driving new revenue comfortable taking the lead and taking control of growth?

Using our Growth Multiplier Matrix™, any sales or customer-facing team in your company is eight steps or less from permanently producing more predictable revenue and profitability:

Step 1: Adopt the Universal Buying Cycle™
Step 2: Build a Predictable Sales Pipeline
Step 3: Leverage Smart Scorecards
Step 4: Fill Your Pipeline with Qualified Leads
Step 5: Run Better Qualifying and Selling Meetings
Step 6: Write Winning Proposals or Quotes
Step 7: Consistently Deliver Customer Success
Step 8: Manage and Farm Key Accounts

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about the Growth Multiplier Matrix™ and which of these eight steps can have the greatest impact on your sales and customer-facing teams.

You can also take advantage of a free trial of the Growth Multiplier Matrix™ to test its compatibility with your business, goals and sales environment.


“Sales processes are often messy, which leads to wasted time for your sales team and potential customers. James and his team help you make order out of chaos. He has helped our sales team learn to ask the right questions of the right people at the right time to make it a great experience for potential customers. Making this change led to 150% sales growth for our company in just 6 months. I would highly recommend the Floriss Group to any company who wants to take control of growth and put best practices in place to help your customers and yourself.”

Phil George, Co-Founder and CEO at MentorcliQ

“As a result of the techniques I learned through my work with James, I was able to refine and boost my prospecting efforts, clean up and prioritize my sales pipeline to include only those prospects that are valid opportunities engaged in a buying cycle, and strategically focus on bringing deals to closure. Without question, James is an incredible sales coach that brings a very high level of sales expertise, energy, and professionalism to the table. I view my time spent with him as invaluable that has no doubt helped me grow as a sales professional.”

Douglas Young, Vice President, National Sales, Progressive Medical, Inc.

“Coplex was named one of the top startup accelerators in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. James Rores has been my personal coach since 2009, and I likely would have given up if it weren’t for our sessions. He has taught me critical skills such as crisis management and has helped me with my own life, my relationships, my family and my company. A strong coach can give you a renewed sense of direction and control when you need most. I recommend James and Floriss Group to new entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans any chance I get.”

Zach Ferres, CEO, Coplex

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