Sales Force Evaluations

Every sales force is perfectly designed to achieve the results it’s producing right now. Better results require better data to inform changes to your leaders, people, systems and culture.

What changes can you make to bring balance to your sales organization and position existing sales and customer-facing teams for success? Which investment options carry the lowest risk and greatest potential return? What can you learn about past investments and why they were, or were not, successful? How do you set and deliver big goals and milestones for sustained sales and marketing success?

When you take advantage of one or more of our sales force evaluations, you leverage knowledge gained from assessments of more than 27,000 companies and 2 million sales and customer-facing team members. You leverage hundreds of pages of objective data and analysis. And, you see a clearer path to aligning the four pillars and eighteen levers of your own Growth Multiplier Platform™.

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You can also take advantage of a free trial to test the compatibility of our evaluations with your business, goals and sales environment.


“If you are C-suite executive who is directly responsible for growing your business … you need to interview James. He has the gift of making you uncomfortable and more confident at the same time. He will challenge you and your group to make commitments that net real results. He will assist you in realistically transforming key critical attitudes and behaviors that focus on exactly where the rubber meets the road.”

Mark R. Perkins, Vice President, Enterprise Security Accounts, Boon Edam Inc.

“A key factor that really sets Floriss Group apart from other sales consultants is the investment they make in their clients. From the beginning of the relationship, James and his team invest personally and professionally to make a difference and deliver results. They also are willing to have the tough conversations with clients by providing honest and direct feedback to ensure the goals set are being met. I am truly blessed to consider James Rores a mentor, coach and friend.”

Bill Kiefaber, President, Marketing Works

“If you’re not getting the performance from your sales team that you want, there’s a reason. The Floriss Group delivered effective methodologies and tools to both diagnose the reasons and build a specific plan for our organization to achieve sustainable sales growth. As a CFO, I now have the line of sight to measure results.”

Randy Smith, CFO at NC4, Inc.

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