Sales Training & Development

Your business can’t grow unless your people grow. Take the lead and take control of growth by leveraging our Collecting WINS™ and Growth Multiplier Certification™ platforms.

Our tailored training, mentoring and coaching programs create a permanent shift for sales and customer-facing teams, because we make sure they reflect the unique characteristics of your industry and sales environment.

We make it easy to get started via online and onsite, end-user and train-the-trainer programs designed to teach and reinforce winning habits and behaviors to individuals and teams at all levels of your organization.

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how practicing sales as a leadership competency can help you raise the bar for your sales and customer-facing teams.

You can also take advantage of a free trial of a program to test its compatibility with your business, goals and sales environment.


“Working with the Floriss Group has been one of the best decisions we’ve made. James has been in the sales trenches for decades and has created a formulaic and effective approach to scaling our sales organization. We landed our biggest deal to date using The Floriss Group’s sales framework.”

Steve White, CEO and Founder at Clarivoy

“I’ve spent my career building and leading high-performance sales organizations. Personal, professional and organizational development for individual contributors, sales leaders and executives is something I’m passionate about and have carefully studied over the years. The Floriss Group’s foundational principles, vocabulary and approach to creating high performance sales teams is tried and true. You can take a lot of guesswork out of sales by hiring the right people, giving them the right tools, establishing clear and obtainable goals, providing ongoing feedback, and coaching them to higher levels of performance. The Floriss Group’s methodology addresses each of these components on their own and as part of a comprehensive selling system that is time tested.”

Nick Fortine, President and Publisher, Columbus Business First

“Boon Edam started our partnership with James Rores and The Floriss Group in July of 2011. Our initial, immediate need was in the area of project qualification and proposal follow-up. James met with the entire sales team and presented several excellent tools to help us overcome and change our current process. Since that time, we have expanded the use of James’ coaching to include monthly training modules and coaching calls for both the outside sales team, inside sales team and the sales management team. During our partnership with James, Boon Edam has enjoyed 3 consecutive years of record sales and profit growth. I would strongly recommend the use of his coaching and training program!”

Greg Schreiber, Senior Vice President of Sales at Boon Edam Inc.

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