Growth is the mastery of change. Mastery begins with insight.

Everyone can improve, but which investments will deliver the greatest impact right now?

Floriss leads the industry with proprietary tools to help leaders and people understand where they are and how to get where they want to be.

Each tool includes a FREE 30-minute review with one of our coaches. 

Sales Asset Inventory

How close are you to delivering a 100% predictable growth curve for your sales force? Use this tool to identify and prioritize your team's strengths and weaknesses in the context of your most
important goals.

Growth Multiplier Index™

Sales leaders, before you hire or invest in training use this tool to scientifically validate the intangibles that predict your team's success. Optimize your revenue, agility and growth trajectory.

RoleDNA Certification™

Leverage 150 data points to scientifically validate the six 'fit-factors' required to define your ideal sales role and ideal sales candidates. Improve hiring decisions, performance and retention.

WINS Profile™

Salespeople and sales leaders, use this tool before your next sales call. Discover your dominant selling style and changes that will immediately create more impact, income and fun.

Pipeline Confidence Score™

Eliminate frustration and help your salespeople get to the NEXT LEVEL. Use this tool to ensure each member of your team understands how they can build their fastest path to cash.

Start building your New Growth Curve.