“Are you executing a strategy capable of delivering your goals?”

Our consultants are active practitioners, not professors. We can help your sales managers and executives improve productivity, reduce uncertainty, and save time with modern tools that deliver the people, process, pipeline, playbook, and performance you require.


The best sales strategies optimize role specialization within your sales organization, ensuring you have the right people in the right roles at the right times, focused on the right outcomes. Role specialization also makes it easier to source, screen, interview, select, hire and onboard the best people for each role (not simply the “best available”).


There are four steps to every successful buying cycle and four corresponding steps that sales people and servant leaders use to help customers buy. The most productive sales teams understand and incorporate these steps into a customer centric sales process that delivers committed goals and builds long, profitable client relationships.


Your sales people have less than 21 selling days per month, 63 selling days per quarter, to achieve their sales targets. When those days are gone, they are gone. The most effective pipelines accurately predict how close each sales person is to achieving forecast commitments, what adjustments they can make, and how much time they have.


By effectively leveraging CRM and other sales productivity tools, teams can capture what works (and what doesn’t) at each stage of the sales process. Managers use these tools to improve marketing alignment, reinforce sales best practices, produce more consistent sales execution, and promote greater independence among rookies and rainmakers.


The best sales performances start with a well-defined and executed GPS (i.e. goal, plan, scorecard), ensuring the highest level of focus and accountability for each team member. Start by configuring your GPS to measure and manage the number (#), size ($), rate (%), and speed (T) of every win and loss produced by your sales pipeline.

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Are you executing a sales strategy capable of helping your sales force deliver its goals? Sometimes, stepping back from the day-to-day execution of your management responsibilities can give you a new perspective, and allow you to see opportunities that were once hidden from view.  Use the Sales Force Self-Assessment to identify those opportunities and the steps required to drive incremental sales growth.


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