“The best time to hire a top producer is whenever you find them.”

Ultimately, people are why sales organizations succeed, and why they struggle.  Those who cause your sales organization to struggle may simply be bad hires who prefer working in the shadows, away from the bright lights of your sales manager’s accountability and development.

Statistically, 74% of all B2B sales people are “Shadow People,” i.e. sales team members who lack the commitment to perform at their best.  Hiring managers today require new tools and training to avoid these costly hiring mistakes.

If you can avoid wasting time, you can avoid hiring mistakes.

Recruiting processes that source too many poor candidates take too long, and often force hiring managers to settle for the “best available” candidate instead of the “best” candidate for the job.  The process we recommend is thorough and fast, and leverages more than 20 filters to accurately identify future top sales producers:

  1. CANDIDATE PIPELINE – Save your hiring manager time and reduce errors by sourcing and screening only the most qualified candidates for your business, sales culture, and sales role.
  2. PLAYER DRAFT – Clarify your hiring criteria and make better hiring decisions by selecting self-driven candidates who will be easy to manage, and committed to overachieving their sales targets.
  3. RAPID ONBOARDING – Validate hiring decisions in the first 30-45 days and accelerate new hire development, so you can cut the time required to break even and achieve an over-quota run rate.

Sales managers and executives who learn our approach, not only overachieve their numbers, they save their organizations $150,000 to $450,000 in wasted recruiting, payroll, management, and opportunity costs for every hiring mistake they can avoid.

What price are you paying for past hiring mistakes?  

Try our complimentary assessment:


You have less than 21 selling days per month to achieve your sales targets. When those days are gone they’re gone. It costs your company a lot of money to source, screen, interview, select, onboard and manage the wrong sales people – folks who hid in the shadows of your sales organization.  Use this calculator to determine the “real cost” of hiring mistakes and the “real benefits” of addressing the challenge once and for all.

“Floriss brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Very few coaches are able to develop salespeople, as well as sales managers, and CEOs. We were able to hire eight new Account Executives, train them and see productivity in record time. Most were hitting quota after their second month!”


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