Sales As A Leadership Competency

Your products and services are competitive, customers love you, and your business has the capacity for significant new growth.

But revenues are flat, sales are unpredictable, your salespeople are frustrated, and even your top sales performers are running hot and cold.

How is it possible, after making all the necessary investments required to take your company to the next level, your sales force is still struggling to deliver?

I have a sensitive question for you, how do you feel when you hear me say, “You have the success … you deserve?” 

Well, is it true?

What this means for all of us, me included, is that success or failure is OURS to define and it’s OURS to achieve.

Our successes and our failures are not about bad luck or good luck.  They’re about our EXECUTION of a simple formula: 

D + A = O

The DECISIONS we make … PLUS the ACTIONS we take … EQUAL the OUTCOMES we create.

SALES is a game of probability not perfection.

Ultimately, none of us can directly control our business environment, our people or our customers.  But that does NOT mean our success is in the hands of fate.

The more structured our DECISIONS and the more disciplined our ACTIONS, the more predictable our OUTCOMES will be.

The more PREDICTABLE your sales outcomes, the more CONTROL you have as a CEO, the more CONTROL you have as a sales leader, and the more CONTROL you have as a salesperson.

So, how do YOU get there?

You get there by adopting a unifying sales process and methodology tailored to WHAT you sell and WHO you sell to.

A single set of rules and universal best practices that ALIGN your sales and customer-facing teams. 

One system that allows your leaders and people to collaborate with each other as they develop and master the same dynamic set of skills and tools.

This is not 5, 50 or 500 salespeople all throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.

This is you, as the chief executive, delivering ONE proven path to success that every rookie and veteran can ADAPT to fit their unique skills and talents, and use to over achieve their committed goals.

Why is this so important?

For starters, each member of your salesforce brought their own set of good and bad habits with them when they joined your company. 

Just because a salesperson sold for someone else before, doesn’t mean they can be successful selling for you. 

And, just because a sales leader was a top producer at one point in his or her career, doesn’t mean they know how to transfer their success to each member of their team.

Today, 94% of sales leaders are optimistic about their salespeople. Yet, more than half of those salespeople will miss their number this year.  And that metric hasn’t changed in a DECADE.

Optimism is great, but NOT when it’s blind.  

So, what is the right sales process and methodology for your business?  

Here’s what I’ve learned from building sales forces for the last 28 years, across more than 100 different industries ….

The most successful salespeople in any business, whether they know it or not, develop and master sales skills that are really leadership competencies.  We call these people growth multipliers.

This is one reason I believe the founder or CEO is so often the best salesperson in a company.  Typically, they have been at it for a long time, but they are also more likely to operate with the mindset of a leader, a growth multiplier, not a transactional salesperson or order-taker.

People love to buy as much as they hate being sold.

When a growth multiplier leads a buyer to change, that buyer doesn’t feel rushed, manipulated or SOLD to.  

That buyer experiences a leader who is invested in understanding their shared goals for growth and walking them along a shared path to change. 

What you want is a sales process and methodology that helps you transform your salespeople into growth multipliers. 

A system that can ensure each member of your sales force has the mindset, skillset and toolset to perform as well as the most successful salesperson in your company.

If you are looking to transform your salespeople, we can help you get there. Check out our recruiting and training resources, as well as our new tools.

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