“Let’s walk a shared path to your goals.”

Since his earliest days as a fourth-generation entrepreneur, our founder, James Rores, has synthesized many unique and universal lessons by walking the path to change with a diverse group of extraordinary clients. He would welcome the opportunity to speak to your group of employees, customers, partners, or trade association members.

Whether the goal is to entertain, inspire, develop, or activate your audience, James has a rare ability to connect with audiences who are curious about how to reach and reset the bar that currently defines their potential.

Popular topics include:

“Stop Selling Solutions. Start Selling Value.”

“Live Your Legacy: The Secret to Sustained Growth”

“How Salespeople and Business Leaders Take Control of Growth”

“Sales Habits That Reduce Discounting and Increase Deal Values”

“Business Leaders: Build the Sales Team You Have Always Wanted”

“Sales Managers: Lead Your Team to Sustainable Growth”

“Salespeople: Develop Your Own Discipline of Winning™”

“Turn Frustration into Lead Generation”

Are you ready to accelerate your organization’s growth?