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Sales is a game of probability, not a game of perfection. Are you doing everything you can to maximize your odds and collect more WINS?  Enter the Universal Buying Cycle™. Shadows in your sales process can hide the real reasons behind flat and unpredictable revenue growth, inconsistent margins, bloated pipelines, too many lost proposals or quotes, and the challenges preventing new sales team members from penetrating new markets and adding new customers. The good news? Most of these challenges are self-inflicted, which means they can also be prevented.

Key Takeaways:

In this session you’ll learn how to:

 – Apply the Universal Buying Cycle™ on your next sales call.
 – Reach more decision-makers and collect more W.I.N.S.
 – Grow deal values, improve win rates  and shrink sales cycles.
 – Apply the timeless growth principles of servant leadership.
 – Transform sales and customer success teams into Growth Multipliers.

Your Speaker: 

With a refreshingly frank and honest perspective, James Rores uses a combination of unconventional insights, humor, research and storytelling to create practical and memorable experiences for his audiences.

James was raised as a fourth-generation member of a family business and set out on his own in 1991. For the next sixteen years, he would serve as a founder, interim sales leader or top sales producer for nine companies; participating in three public events and multiple exits. James was especially attracted to the challenge of selling new products and breaking new markets for growth-stage and venture-backed companies. During this time, he developed a unique, customer-centric methodology that allowed him to consistently sell products and services his customers had never heard of, on behalf of companies they didn’t know, to solve problems they didn’t know they had.

Today, this methodology is captured in the Collecting WINS™ and Growth Multiplier™ platforms, authored and taught by James and his team.