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Join us for session two of our Growth Multiplier Workshop series. This proprietary servant leader centric sales and marketing development workshop will redefine your sales organization’s potential and permanently transform sales and customer-facing team members into Growth Multipliers.

  • Improve your ability to recruit, onboard and retain top sales performers.
  • Shorten sales cycles, improve win rates, grow deal values and raise profit margins.
  • Ensure marketing and sales teams communicate your brand’s true value.

SESSION TWO – December 12, 2018

  • SITUATIONAL OPPORTUNITY REAL-PLAYS – Your salespeople own their new skillset by applying what they have learned to current pipeline opportunities via challenging and fun real-plays, including role reversals where we share the hot seat.
  • SALES PROCESS MAPPING AND COACHING – Together, we create a toolset for your sales and customer-facing teams that transforms your sales process and pipeline and empowers your people to continue applying what they have learned.



Over a five-year period, clients used these techniques to add $1.65 billion to their sales pipelines generating $350 million of new revenue at a 74% average win rate.


About the Presenter

James Rores, Founder, CEO of Floriss Group and Author of Collecting WINS™, a modern, customer-centric sales platform that transforms sales people into Growth Multipliers.


Who Should Attend:

Founders and business owners responsible for sales organizations challenged by new barriers to growth, or simply not performing to their potential.  Any executive or leadership team member who sells because they love to, or because they have to!


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“During our partnership with Floriss, Boon Edam has enjoyed three consecutive years of record sales and profit growth. I strongly recommend Floriss’ Collecting WINS™ coaching and training program!”