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Sales accelerate.  Customers multiply.  Business value surges. 

M&A activity among small and medium size businesses has never been greater, and the upside has never been bigger.  Unfortunately, 94% of business owners are not ready when opportunities to GROW, TRANSFORM or EXIT their business emerge.

Join Footprint Capital and Floriss Group for a peer-to-peer workshop where we help business owners at any stage of growth ask and answer critical questions including:

  • Who is looking at your business, and why?
  • How do they think? What value do they see?
  • Should you be a buyer or seller?
  • Where are your opportunities and risks?
  • What mistakes are you making today?
  • What opportunities are you missing?
  • What goals are realistic for you and your family?

About the Presenters:

  • Steve Lundregan, Senior Director at Footprint Capital
    • 30 years guiding F500 companies and mid-market business owners.  Expert in leading acquisition planning, strategic planning, integration, and value enhancement engagements related to ownership transactions and liquidity events.
  • James Rores, Founder, CEO of Floriss Group
    • 27 years developing leaders, people and systems across more than 100 industries, to accelerate predictable revenue growth.  Expert at leveraging M&A transactions to help business owners and investors profitably grow, transform and exit their businesses.


Who Should Attend:

This is an invitation-only event with limited seating.  Please contact us using the link below for more information on how to register.


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