Turn your toughest sales challenges into predictable patterns of success.

Other sales training shows you how to play the game. We teach you how to change it.

Permanent performance improvement of your sales force.

Today, it’s not hard to find entertaining and informative training experiences. What is hard is finding a training partner who can help you transform those experiences into permanent gains for your business. Over the decades, we’ve effectively trained teams towards a 46% growth in opportunity-to-win rate.

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That massive shift takes a different type of sales training.

LEVERAGE your team with Floriss’ Collecting WINS™ platform.

Develop your team with an on-demand, outcome-based system that tailors our training to your unique selling environment. 

Make that growth 100% predictable with a comprehensive playbook co-authored and continuously improved by your team.

Better teams, better playbooks, better outcomes.

On-demand tailored coaching for long-term growth.

Long-lasting growth needs reliable and well-trained people to drive it. Yet too many salespeople are transactional instead of value-based, resulting in lost leads, messy price negotiations, and bloated pipelines.

Collecting WINS™ turns coaching and training into an on-demand utility for your team.

95% of salespeople who go through our process feel more competitive, resulting in better relationships with customers and more revenue generated month after month.

Sustain your New Growth Curve.

After more than 10,000 working sessions with CEOs and sales leaders from more than one hundred industries, we identified three stages of unlocking predictable revenue growth — LEAD, LEVERAGE and LIFT.

Collecting WINS™ is here to LEVERAGE your entire sales force to maximum potential.

“I feel guilt, somewhat akin to taking candy away from a child. When using the [executive prospecting] system, results are very predictable. Before, I used to be surprised to get a response from an executive whereas now I’m even more surprised if I don’t. What a reversal. Thank you very much!”
Marc P.
25-Year Application & Business Development Specialist

Expect more from your sales training.

Sales is more than a transaction. It’s an exchange of value. 

If your people can’t build value at every stage in the sales process, they won’t be able to sell value. Which means lower profits and higher cost for your bottom line.

Shift your expectations for what sales training can be and find new ways to leverage your investment to permanently change the growth trajectory of your company.

How we help you collect wins:

Better teams, better playbooks, better outcomes.

"I’ve been in sales for my entire professional career. Collecting WINS was the first time I have experienced sales training that actually aligned with my core values and motivated me to pick up a training manual. I am already forecasting more accurately, selling more consistently, and winning some of the biggest deals of my career.”
Melissa Herbst
Enterprise Sales at Socius, Inc.

Hey, I’m James

For the past 30 years I’ve been training and coaching sales leaders and team members from countless industries. And the biggest lesson learned is that sales is more than a checklist or a process.

Playbooks give the structure, but the person closes the sale. Your salespeople need to have the skills to navigate leads through every step of that playbook.

So I took all of my experience and built the Collecting WINS™ platform, tailored each and every time based on the needs, challenges, and opportunities of the company.

The goal is for you to have a team that brings in wins predictably, month over month.

Our Unconditional Guarantee

If you’re ready to make the changes required to drive measurable results and ROI for your business, we’re ready to walk beside you and unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way.

Increase the performance of your salespeople and start Collecting Wins™

Better teams, better playbooks, better outcomes.