Hire top sales producers from a "built-for-you" candidate pipeline.

Grow your team with the right people to lift your bottom line.

Build your bench of top sales performers.

Traditional hiring processes don’t produce the data required to make predictable sales hiring decisions. And without data, every hiring decision becomes a costly roll of the dice.

From our decades of experience, we developed a recruiting engine to help you find the right person for the right role, all at the right time.

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Salespeople turnover 2x to 3x faster than the general workforce.
Our 93% success rate means we’re consistently beating the odds.

LIFT the performance of your sales force with Floriss’ Always-On Recruiting Engine.

88 of the last 95 salespeople we permanently placed became
top producers within their first year on the job. 

Fill your team with top sales and customer-facing team members, pre-qualified to fit your unique sales roles, management style, and top producer profiles.

The right people in the right roles at the right time. Guaranteed.

Growth depends on great people.

Sustained revenue and profit growth relies on a company’s ability to align people with strategies. Typical sales forces will turnover 30-40% of new hires, putting constant roadblocks to any meaningful growth.

Our Always-On Recruiting Engine is grounded in the predictive insights of a proprietary talent alignment algorithm, ensuring each candidate fits to the role they’re hired for.

We will even supplement your own sourcing efforts with our team of professionals who will personally curate a qualified list of candidates based on your preferred candidate profile.

Scale your New Growth Curve.

After more than 10,000 working sessions with CEOs and sales leaders from more than one hundred industries, we identified three stages of unlocking predictable revenue growth — LEAD, LEVERAGE and LIFT.

The Always-On Recruiting Engine is purpose-built to LIFT your team.

"Floriss led us through a data-centric process that delivered candidates who had the highest probability of success. James and the team take the guesswork out of hiring and onboarding only the best sales candidates for the job."
JC Powell
Vice President of Sales Regional & National Accounts at Boon Edam
"The Always-On Recruiting Engine is like Moneyball for teams."
Chris McAlister
CEO at Sightshift

150 data points add precision to every hiring decision.

Implement a complete ‘built-for-you’ recruiting engine that delivers value BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your hire for much less than traditional contingent and fixed-fee services.

We deliver an engine that delivers better candidates, shorter hiring cycles, and higher retention rates.

How we build your hiring engine:

See how we can build a hiring engine, customized for you.

“Through the focus of James and his team we were able to hire 8 new Account Executives, train them and see productivity in record time (most were producing and hitting quotas after the second month)! Highly recommended!.”
Jason Chadwick
Executive Sales Leader

Hey, I’m James

I’ve been hiring salespeople for high-growth companies for more than 30 years. And the truth is, most companies are more successful hiring for non-sales positions. Salespeople are just different.

Not only do sales people need to know their job, they must be able to anticipate and adjust to competitors who are always working to deny their success. They must deal with customers who withhold information to gain an edge, and they must remain upbeat and positive in the face of constant rejection. Persistence is everything: so much of success has to do with timing.

The same goes with hiring.
I took my wealth of experience and built a 93% effective process that will gather the right data so you can hire the right people.

Our Unconditional Guarantee

If you’re ready to make the changes required to drive measurable results and ROI for your business, we’re ready to walk beside you and unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way.

Build your Always-On Recruiting Engine

Better candidates, shorter hiring cycles, and higher retention rates at an affordable price.

Expand the power of your sales and customer-facing teams.