We deliver a customer centric sales platform that unifies the mindset, skillset, and toolset of your sales organization around universal principles for building and selling value.


We help sales and customer-facing teams permanently eliminate barriers to success, while cultivating habits that consistently produce higher levels of performance.  

Our customer centric sales platform, Collecting WINS™, leverages the principles of servant leadership to permanently transform members of sales and customer-facing teams into Growth Multipliers.  

Our blended development model, Growth Multiplier Certification™, helps sales and customer-facing teams simplify and accelerate the process of learning, understanding, and applying new winning habits to building and selling value.


The Floriss team is comprised of proven industry leaders with a passion for helping sales organizations grow.

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The purpose, opportunity, and vision that energizes us is manifested in our drive to create sustainable growth and value in every community we serve.

By doing so, we permanently strengthen the economic value chain that connects Strong Companies & Brave Kids™.  We believe strong companies create strong communities, strong communities create strong families, and strong families create brave kids. In support of this commitment, every year we make a donation of time and money to serve each of the communities represented by our clients.